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I offer both Online Nutritional Education and Onsite Nutritional Education for those striving to discover a healthier you.  Studies have shown that nutrient rich food intake is the one of the most important keys to fitness success.  This includes quality carbohydrates, lean proteins, heart healthy fats - like monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, and plenty of fluids.

My Online Nutritional Education Program will provide all that you need to understand the proper nutritional steps that will make your goals successful.  I will personalize the amount of calories you need daily, a itinerary of healthy planned meals, along with a grocery list. Remember, a good nutritional lifestyle can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

My Onsite Upper Peninsula Nutritional Education Program will help you find the perfect balance of nutrient rich foods for your personal needs.  Here I will also guide you along with your calorie intake, help you plan your daily meals, and provide you with a list of groceries that will provide you with the proper nutrition for a healthier you.  Just like my Online program, good nutrition can will help you reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

UP Nutritional Education | Online Nutritional Education | Where can I find a Nutritional Education Program in Michigan?Nutritional Timing is Everything
TyTimeFitness will help coach you with your timing of eating and exercising.  Your body needs the correct fuel to perform each day.  I take into consideration your weight, height, age, and health status.  I want you to avoid feeling empty or lethargic whether you are following an exercise routine or not.

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Cost of my Online and Onsite Nutritional Program is $49 / per month.  Remember, you will have my experience to guide you along whether you are connected with my via the web or here onsite.  To begin, click the "Sign Up" link below, this will lead you to PayPal for secure online payments.  You will then be prompted to "Log In" to PT Distinction.  Afterwards, I will connect with you and we will be ready to begin a customized journey that will best suit your needs and future growth.  You will have 3 choices when signing up.  Best Option:  SAVE with both my Personal Training and Nutritional Education Package for just $125 / per month

To discover a healthier you, I invite you to "Sign Up" with TyTimeFitness today.

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Hi, my name is Kristi and I began going to Ty in January, 2013.  I had just had a baby in December and wanted to lose that extra baby weight.  It was amazing how quickly (within a year) I noticed big changes.  It was because I was working out, I tried really hard to eat well and stay active.  I went from a size 8 prior to being pregnant to a size 4 after having the baby.  I love the mixture of weights and cardio.  At the age of 39 now, I feel physically better than ever before.  TyTimeFitness is definitely the place to go!!"—Kristi

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Ty Times offers both an online & onsite experience that will help individuals achieve their fitness goals at their own pace. We work hard to educate and help clients value the importance of good nutrition in addition to exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

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